Another day of warm temperatures makes one feel as if spring were in the air. Ah spring that fair season when a young man’s fancy turns to. Alright, alright I know what you perverts were thinking but I was talking about diving. It’s time to get the gear out of the closet. A lot of people who read the newsletter have already brought their regulators in for service. If your one of those procrastinators that hasn’t there’s still time before the rush. Some things that you can do to start the season off right follow. Hook your BC up to a tank and check the valves to make sure they function properly. If you have any doubt bring it in for professional servicing. Examine your mask, fins and snorkel. Check the straps and attachment points for wear and replace as necessary. Your spare parts kit should be checked and the parts that were used last year should be replaced. If it’s been a while since you were in the water schedule some pool time or a trip to Vortex or Morrison Spring. Get ready we lost a lot of diving last year we need to make up for it.

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