When it comes to an enjoyable snorkeling or scuba diving experience comfort is everything. If you’re constantly having to clear water from your mask, or your fins are too big and the friction from your foot moving inside them is giving you blisters an hour in the water can seem like a less then compelling hobby. I wonder how many people stopped snorkeling because they bought a toy mask at Wal Mart and it flooded constantly or the pvc skirt irritated their face. Even with a quality mask, if it’s too small and rests on the bridge of your nose a beautiful day of diving turns into a chore. Fins that don’t fit can cause blisters or cramps depending on if they’re too big or too small. A wetsuit that’s too big lets in extra water and allows your body to get cold and one that’s too small restricts movement. Buoyancy compensating devises must be properly fit not only for the person that is going to use them but also for the tank or tanks one is using. A bladder that is too large for it’s intended purpose causes unnecessary drag and makes the diver work harder. Bottom line is every piece of snorkeling and scuba diving equipment must fit properly. Companies that try to sell you equipment online are doing you a disservice because they can’t possibly fit you without having you there.This is why at Coral Reef Dive Shop we refuse to sell gear online. If your in the market for snorkeling or scuba diving gear come in and be fit by professionals that care about your comfort and want to promote snorkeling and scuba diving as a great sport for the entire family.

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