The Blackbeard’s trip for 2011 was a huge success. So much so that I couldn’t wait to tell everyone. So since I had a long layover in Atlanta I decided to take advantage of the Sky Club’s ammenities and post this.  We had 15 people with us on the trip and 3 independent divers were aboard. With only 18 divers the boat never felt crowded. Usually you have one diver that nobody gets along with but on this trip everyone meshed. The crew was awesome. Captain Grayson was as usual outstanding and the rest of the crew of Red, Devon, Allison and Micah made us feel at home and became part of our group. Most of our diving was on the sheer walls of Eluethra with many swim throughs that start shallow and empty out into the deep blue of the abyss. Our divers saw Spotted Eagle Rays, turtles, octopus and many other species of fish including numerous Caribbean Reef Shark. We finished up at the washing in the Exuma Keys and everyone liked it so much they did it twice. Well that’s all for now but I will be posting pictures and reviews on the website in the next few days. Check out the video of the washing machine on Coral Reef’s facebook page and please like us on facebook.

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