The rain finally stopped and now it really looks like paradise around here. Even with the rain the resort has been great and the diving excellent, but today with the sun out it got even better. The first dive of the day was on two huge coral heads and a freighter sunk in about 100ft. of water. I saw my first Pipe fish on the freighter and lots of Unicorn fish and tropicals surrounding the coral heads. On the second dive which could be called heaven in the sea, there was a huge green moray and lots and lots of fish, but the colorful soft corals and sea fans made the walls of the heads seem ablaze in vibrant colors and for me this was the best part of the dive. On the tops of the heads in less then 20ft. of water, every inch of reef was covered in hard corals and sponges competing for space. Above them, legions of small tropicals swarmed in and out of the reef. This is the prettiest dive site I have ever seen. It just seems to get better everyday. The internet here is shaky at best but if I can get a connection I’ll post more tomorrow.

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