Here is your chance to learn how your regulator works. The differences between piston and diaphragm first stages. How your second stage delivers air on demand. Learn the repairs that you can make in the field to save a dive or a dive trip. We will be breaking down and reassembling two first stages and two second stages and examining the inner workings of them along with various other gear. Coral Reef Dive Shop will be offering two classes the first one is Jan. 28 and the next one will be Feb. 12. Classes will begin at 10am and last to approximately 3pm. Cost of the course is $109.95 and includes the required reference material, the Encyclopedia of Recreational Scuba diving. Participants for the Jan. class must register by Jan. 18 and participants for the Feb. class must register by Jan. 31. To read more about the PADI Equipment Specialist course please go here.

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