It’s been a busy April and it’s only a little more then halfway over. The April check out dive went extremely well and we have four new Open Water Divers and two Advanced Open Water Divers. Earning their Open Water certifications were Janette Clavier, Scott Raymond, Jessica Necaise and Brian Necaise re-certified¬† as an Open Water Diver. Our new Advanced Open Water Divers are Greg Luken and Bobby Edwards. Congratulations, it was a pleasure to work with all of you. The water in the gulf is warming up quickly; it was 72 degrees at 70ft and the surface was a couple of degrees warmer. Visibility was 35ft on the Strength and about 45ft. on Span 12.

We have a spot for a couple on our Cat Ppalu trip July 14-20, 2012. Cruise and dive the pristine Exuma Keys in the Bahamas with only twelve other divers. For more information please go here.

We have a lot of new gear to check out when you get a chance to stop in. The Cressi Leonardo Computer simple one button operation with nitrox capability for $349 in the wrist unit and is also available in a console for $429. Affordable Scubamaxx full 3mm wetsuits for $119.95 and a 2mm shorty for $64.73. A complete Oceanic scuba system, regulator, BC, octo, and SPG for $899. Scubapro Litehawk travel BC with Air II for $479.00 and so many more items I don’t have space to mention.

Bobby Edwards, Scott Raymond, Janette Clavier, Greg Luken, Rick Sutton, Jessica and Brian Necaise


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