Here is an article featured in the Paper Trail Section of the Times Picayune.

Chuck, Federated States of Micronesia

Distance from New Orleans: 7293

(L to R) Amy Williams, Greg Luken, Walt Morris 

After six months of planning, we arrived in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, to dive the Lost Fleet of Truk Lagoon.  During our visit, we explored shipwrecks of Operation Hailstone, the successful February 17, 1944 U.S. Navy air and surface attack, frozen in time, preserved as historical artifacts and now reclaimed by the sea as coral reefs.  Our dives took us below deck into the holds, engine rooms, and cabins of 16 Japanese war ships and freighters.  Our sightings included Mitsubishi Zero’s, 18” artillery shells, Type 95 tanks, deck guns and 14’ Lance torpedoes.  On our last dive we paid respects to a fallen sailor, trapped for eternity in the engine room of the Yamagiri Maru.

Amy, Greg and Walt In Truk

Amy, Greg and Walt In Truk

Tip: Plan an extra day to layover in Guam and explore the island, visit the WWII museum, Magellan’s landing spot and experience local culture.

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