The Sept. trip to Panama City Beach this past weekend was the best trip thereĀ  so far this year. The seas were flat calm both days and visibility ranged from 20ft. on the Strength to over 40ft. on Bridge Span 14. Most divers saw huge Goliath Groupers on every dive and the bait fish were dense. My favorite moment came on the first dive Saturday as the Open Water students were doing their tour for pleasure. We were surrounded by an enormous school of bait fish when we encountered an average size Goliath Grouper. The small fish immediately pressed into the divers for protection and you could feel them on any exposed skin, very cool. We have 2 new Open Water Divers, Ronnie Harris and Brandon Adams and 2 new Advanced Open Water Divers, Ricke Penton and Seth Tillman. Congratulations to all. Here’s a link to some video shot by Ricke Penton on this trip.

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