Coral Reef Dive Shop is looking for more divers for it’s trip to Roatan May 21-28, 2016 staying at the famous Coco View resort and the trip Sept. 17-24, 2016 aboard the luxury liveaboard Aqua Cat cruising and diving the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas.

Coco View Resort is renowned for it’s 24hr. diving, simply grab a tank and dive the wreck of the Prince Albert a 140ft tanker just a few fin kicks from your room or enjoy the mini walls accessible from the beach. Boat dives are also included in the package. For non divers there are plenty of topside activities. For more information on the trip please go here. Information on Coco View Resort can be found here.

For those looking for the finest in liveaboard diving the Aqua Cat is a great choice. Your floating hotel takes you to the finest diving in the Bahamas with up to five dives a day on reefs, walls and wrecks. Shore excursions and fishing are available to keep the non divers in your family happy. For more information on the trip follow this link. To visit the Aqua Cat we sight check out this link.

Dive season is right around the corner don’t forget to get your equipment serviced and make sure your tanks have current hydros and vips.


Aqua Cat

Aqua Cat

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