Advanced Open Water

PADI Advanced Diver Course

Note: Please don’t look for a schedule for the Advanced Course. The way the course is designed allows us to teach it individually virtually whenever the diver is ready.

The PADI Advanced Diver program is designed to give the open water diver a chance to experience the different types of diving he can do with his newly developed diving skills. When you sign up for class you will receive your advanced diving manual and slate. There are two core dives that must be completed; these are Deep and Underwater Navigation. Advanced Open Water students then pick three elective dives to study such as boat, wreck, search and recovery, underwater naturalist etc. Read the manual and do the knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter for the core and elective dives. The formal class is approximately four hours. During the class we will discuss how to prepare for and conduct the core dives and the elective dives we will do in the open water. We will go over the knowledge reviews and practice compass patterns.

The great thing about the Advanced Class is that the focus is on doing the dives with a minimum amount of time in the classroom. The cost of the course is $245.00 and includes the materials you will need.

Check out dives for advanced certification are scheduled at least once a month and consist of Friday at Vortex Spring where we will do the compass navigation portion of the course. Saturday and Sunday will be in Panama City Beach, Fl., where we will do boat dives in the Gulf of Mexico, and complete our deep dive and elective dives. The price for the advanced open water trips are $375 and include rental equipment. If you have any questions you can email us at or call 985-641-9888.


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