Rick Sutton

Rick Sutton

Rick Sutton

I fell in love with water at an early age and can’t remember a time when I couldn’t swim. When “Sea Hunt” made it’s debut on TV I knew that scuba diving was going to be part of my life.The nearest I came was snorkeling at Cape May along the New Jersey coast while on summer vacations .In 1990 I got a scuba course for a birthday present and once I was certified diving took over all my spare time. If I wasn’t diving I was reading about it. I wanted to share my new passion with the world so I became an instructor. Diving is an important part of my life and training good divers is the most important aspect of it.

PADI Open Water Instructor 1992/ PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 1995/ PADI Specialty Instructor (14 Specialties)/ NASE Open Water Instructor 2010/ Medic 1st Aid Instructor 1997/ Emergency First Responder Instructor 2003/ DAN O2 Instructor 1997/ DSAT Gas Blender Instructor/ NSS-CDS, NACD Certified Full Cave Diver 1999/ Member of the Safety Review Board Homeland Security Underwater Evidence Recovery Team New Orleans/ 2500+ logged dives.

Patrick Abercrombie

I began diving in 1993 while living in the Washington D.C. area and by 1997 had earned my first instructor certification.  While living on the east coast, I not only taught scuba classes but also remained a student and earned my technical diving certifications.  I also took advantage of my proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and pursued my passion for wreck diving, diving wrecks from Delaware to the Outer Banks off North Carolina.

I moved home to Louisiana in 1998 to pursue a career in commercial diving, earning my ADC certification and working for an inland dive company.  All along, I continued teaching recreational scuba and diving along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

I have taught through PADI, NAUI, IANTD and TDI.  I am currently a Regional Manager and Regional Training Director for the National Academy of Scuba Educators (NASE Worldwide).  I still teach all levels of recreational scuba although my main focus in on instructor training.  I also teach technical diving including trimix.

Michael Browning ( In memory of Michael a great friend and Instructor)

Long before I ever put on scuba gear and entered into the deep blue sea, I was intrigued by water.  My father first entered into the sport in the late ’60, collecting golf balls from a lake driving range using scuba, in order to bring extra money into the house.  I remember him donning his gear, looking like a spaceman, jumping into the water and returning in what seemed like hours later.  I was hooked at a very young age.  My diving career began in 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Certified PADI open water, I began diving in the springs of North Florida and offshore in the Atlantic Ocean, from the Keys to Jacksonville.  For the next 10 years, I dove every chance I had.  Boat diving, shore diving, fresh water, salt water, it didn’t matter.  I fell in love with photography, wreck diving, night diving, deep diving, underwater hunting, and my biggest passion, cave diving in the springs of North Florida.

In 1989, I got a wild hair to begin scuba instructing and completed my PADI open water instructor certification in January of 1990.  That same year, one of my OW students nicknamed me ‘Scubadog’ and it’s stuck ever since.  Since then, I’ve trained recreational students from California to Florida and many locations in between.  Being an avid cave diver, in 2008, I decided that it was time to begin training folks to dive safely in caverns and caves.  I received my National Association of Cave Divers (NACD) teaching certification that same year in Cavern and Intro to Cave.

My Professional / Technical credentials include: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with 16 specialties, Medic First Aid Instructor (retired), NACD Cavern Instructor, NACD Intro to Cave Instructor, International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery diver, Advanced Trimix, Cave DPV and DSAT gas blender.  In my 32 years of diving, I have over 4200 logged open water dives and over 500 full cave dives.

Frank Skiles

I earned my Open Water Certification here at Coral Reef in1996. My gear has  rarely been dry, since. Over the years I have developed a passion for the world class diving that Louisiana has to offer on our oil rigs. Spending time with new divers  is one thing that I enjoy.  Now, As a Open Water Instructor, Hopefully, I can pass on some my enthusiasm and knowledge of  the world of SCUBA.